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About | Refashion Vancouver


Refashion Vancouver was born from a girl and her shopping habit…


She noticed one day that her closet was full to the brim with brand new clothes she never wore, yet when it came time get dressed every morning, she struggled to find what to wear. Some of her clothes were too big, some too small. Some she bought during a temporary lapse of judgement and quickly vetoed upon sober reflection. Some were bought online, and just didn’t fit right – but she was too lazy to send them back. Or forgot. Or thought she could make them work, but ultimately realised she couldn’t. Some were gifts from well-meaning friends, and some just plain weren’t her style.

We all have similar experiences of beautiful clothes hidden away in the recesses of our closets and never worn. We’ve spent so much money on them, it’s hard to kiss our hard earned dollars goodbye and just give them away. Selling online can be a lot of work, taking photos of everything and cataloguing it all. Consignment stores are great, but when you’ve got brand new clothes that you dropped some serious dough on, it’s hard to share the earnings with a store. What’s a girl to do?

refashion to the rescue

Collect all the new or nearly-new clothes you never wear, rent a space at ReFashion Vancouver and you’re in business! Don’t have enough to fill a clothing rack? Grab some girlfriends and share the space!

It’s not a swap meet and it’s not a flea market – it’s not about swapping one piece for another or selling used clothes – it’s about selling the stuff that you never wear that’s brand new or nearly new. The idea is people who live in apartments don’t have the ability to have a garage sale, and it’s hard to reach the fashion-shoppers – so we’re holding an event that brings all the fashion-lovers of Vancouver together in one place.