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Announcing YELP! – Refashion Vancouver Sponsor | Refashion Vancouver

We’re thrilled to announce that Yelp! is going to be back this year at Re-Fashion Vancouver, bigger and better than before! Last year we were in heaven when Yelp climbed on board the Re-Fashion Vancouver train because Yelp is the very reason our event exists.  Re-Fashion Vancouver was born from a ‘talk’ thread I posted on the Yelp community message boards, where I (Victoria) asked the collective masses where I could sell my clothes in Vancouver – and the replies are what led to us launching Re-Fashion Vancouver. It seems so perfectly appropriate, given Yelp being the genesis of Re-Fashion Vancouver, that they are coming to the party and bringing their coolness with them.


What’s going down at Refashion Vancouver

This year, Yelp will be there with all their bells and whistles, with a special guest doing mini makeovers. More details are being hashed out as we speak, but we can guarantee it’ll be awesome no matter what. As an extra bonus, they’ll be handing out Yelp swag (and if you’ve never gotten Yelp swag, you’re in for a treat – they have some of the coolest swag we’ve ever seen: lip balms, tins of mints, fans, and all other cool stuff) and they’ve also scored us hundreds of their beautiful reusable tote bags to complete your shopping experience.


What is Yelp?

Now what is Yelp, you may ask? Yelp is only THE coolest community website in existence! Picture this: you wake up on a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning ready to take on the world and rearing for a great brunch spot to kick off your day. Where do you go? You can drive around and find some place and try your luck, but how do you know it’ll be everything you hoped for and more? That’s what Yelp helps you with: Think of it has having the entire city of Vancouver as your own personal reconnaissance team. You just type “Brunch” into the search bar and voila – all the best brunch places, as rated and reviewed by local Vancouverites pop up lickity split.

If you’ve found a great place you want to shout out to the world, or you’ve been somewhere with dismal service and you feel it’s your duty to steer people clear, Yelp is where you do it. I can tell you that I’ve found everything from my car mechanic (did you know there’s a few guys in this city that specialize in Volvo’s only? I didn’t, until Yelp told me.) to my favourite place for afternoon tea. Thanks to Yelp, I now have a mean list of best places to go for brunch  in Vancouver.


Not only does Yelp help you with recommendations of local businesses, but it also has a great event listings section with tons of cool stuff going on in Vancouver that you would never have heard about otherwise. And if you have a question, the community talk boards are there to help (they helped me, for instance, when my boss asked me for a family-friendly restaurant recommendation for Christmas Dinner, or when a friend asked me to help them find the best filipino moon cakes in the city).


More about Yelp:

Yelp is a website where consumers read and write reviews about local businesses. It’s all about connecting the Vancouver community with amazing, locally-owned restaurants, clubs, bars, shopping, and service providers. To find out what everyone is yelping about, visit www.yelp.ca/vancouver