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The Story | Refashion Vancouver

The Story

Behind Re-Fashion Vancouver:

47979_549343675108736_1482356111_nVictoria & Dave are best friends and business partners. Working full-time jobs by day, and being serial entrepreneurs by night (they currently run a leather accessories business, a jewelry studio and a fine art photography studio, while also writing a blog for motorcycling enthusiasts all under their umbrella company, the Divina Creative Group), it was only a matter of time before they launched their next venture, and this one happened to come about from necessity.



The Birth of Re-Fashion:

Victoria had a problem: her closet was jam packed full of clothes – yet every morning she struggled finding something to wear for work. With a serious addiction to online shopping and impulse buying, she had amassed an enormous amount of beautiful clothes that weren’t quite right. Most still with their tags on and only tried on when she first bought them, she couldn’t bring herself to give thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing away.

What most people do when they have stuff to get rid of is have a garage sale – but living in a condo in downtown Vancouver meant she had nowhere to hold the sale. Consignment stores, another alternative, are great, but when you’ve got brand new clothes that you dropped some serious dough on, it’s hard to share the earnings with a store.  She started asking around and hunting for some sort of event for people in the same boat – there had to be a way for all the serial shoppers in the city to recycle their fashion misadventures and make back some cash. There was nothing.

Not one to sit idle, she decided to create her own. Knowing that she wasn’t the only person out there with a shopping habit, she and Dave decided to create the event to help themselves, and all other Vancouverites make some money. Everyone she spoke to about her idea agreed – it would be perfect to be able to sell all your new and unused clothes while at the same time re-freshing your closet for less than full-price.

And so Re-Fashion Vancouver was born: part spring cleaning, part massive clothing sale, it’s the only event of its kind in Vancouver, and designed for condo-dwellers and fashionistas to be able to come together, make some cash and buy new clothes at deep discounts.