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FAQ | Refashion Vancouver




    • What is ReFashion Vancouver?
      ReFashion Vancouver is a mix between a huge fashion clothing sale and wild shopping party. It’s the perfect place to sell all the brand new clothes that you bought but never wear, shop in the closets of other Re-Fashionistas for designer styles, while enjoying a day of pampering with mini-manicures, hair styling, makeovers, photo shoots, free eats and treats, and lots of giveways
    • When is the event?
      Our next event is on April 18, 2015. Sign up to our email newsletter to find out when applications open before everyone else.
    • How long does the sale last?
      ReFashion Vancouver is a one-day event – so take advantage when you can. The sale is 7 hours long – starting at 10:00 am and ending at 5:00 pm
    • What type of payment options are available?
      CASH is your best bet here. There are ATMs in the vicinity, but to be sure that you don’t miss out on that beautiful pair of pumps or gorgeous skirt suit, bring the moo-lah!
    • Does ReFashion Vancouver make a profit?
      No!  We didn’t create the event to make money off of it – we created it because we wanted to participate in it! [Read the story here].  The cost for sellers and admission go towards the cost of renting the venue, clothing racks, change rooms and mirrors, event insurance and permits, staff and advertising. This is completely a labour of love for us – and in order to keep the costs reasonable to sellers and buyers, it’s entirely likely we won’t recuperate all our costs (things like this website, advertising, etc.), and we aren’t paying ourselves for the countless hours put in to making this event possible. You can read more about the actual costs associated with putting on Refashion Vancouver here – we like to be completely transparent so you can see how much goes in to putting this event on.
    • This is a great idea! How can I get involved?
      The best way to get involved is to spread the word. Come shop, or come sell – and bring your friends! We’re also looking for volunteers to help out. If you’re a business and would like to sponsor the event (we’d love to have music, clothing rack rentals, refreshments, entertainment, advertising, public relations and a bouncy castle) then please get in touch.




    • How does ReFashion Vancouver work?
      It’s pretty simple: if you’re a seller, you fill out the registration form. We review all applications and approve sellers based on clothing size (we want every shopper to be able to find something that’s in their size), fashion style (we need to ensure there’s a diverse range of styles) and condition of clothes (this isn’t a clothing swap, this is a clothing re-sale, so brand new clothes, or clothes that have been worn only a few times are what we’re looking for). Once you’re approved, we let you know, and collect your payment. Payment is due at the time of approval and is absolutely mandatory to reserve your space. If you don’t complete the checkout, we give your space to the next person on the list. There’s more info on becoming a seller here.


    • How much does it cost to take part?
      The cost for a space at ReFashion Vancouver is $80. For most people, that’s the cost of one nice article of clothing, so you’re likely to earn it back on your first sale or two.


    • Can I share a space with friends?
      Absolutely, the more variety the better! Grab some pals and split the cost of the table between you. The only condition is that everyone sharing the space must be on the ONE registration form (there’s a specific application for shared sellers with room for all the names of those sharing). We need to know what everyone is planning on selling – both sizes and styles to ensure there’s something for everyone. There is also a $10 fee for every additional person sharing a booth. Once you’ve been approved, you can’t add more people to your space – if they aren’t on your initial registration form, they can’t sell at Refashion Vancouver.


    • How many sellers will be there?
      We’re currently planning space for approximately 60 seller spaces that are 6’x6′. This is subject to change based on logistics. Sellers are allowed to split the cost of their space and share a space with their friend (as long as everyone who is planning on selling registers and pays the additional sharing fee of $10 per person), but the sharing of the space does not entitle you to another clothing rack. Each space is allotted one clothing rack (which fits approximately 45 hangers with clothing), one table and one chair. If your group will take up more space than one clothing rack, you’ll have to register for additional spaces.


    • I’ve never sold anything before! How do I price my stuff, and what can I do to make sure I have the best possible selling experience?
      We’re here to help – we’ve got oodles of sales experience and we’ve written it all down on our Tips for Sellers page. There you’ll find info on how to set your prices, what you can do to attract people to your space, presentation, and how to talk to shoppers.


    • How do I register to sell?
      Apply to be a seller here, as soon as you can. We’ll review and let you know if you’ve been approved. Once approved, you will be sent a paypal invoice. Payment is due within 48 hours of receiving your approval. If you don’t pay within this time period, we will give your space to someone on the waiting list. If you are unable to pay online via paypal (which accepts all major credit cards), then please email us and we’ll arrange to meet you and collect payment.


    • What can I sell?
      ReFashion Vancouver is a clothing and footwear sale only. You can sell any brand new clothing, or clothing that’s been tried on or worn a handful of times only. You can also sell shoes that meet the same criteria. Some examples: work clothes, dresses, skirts, pants, boots, heels, flats… you get the idea. As a guideline- if it looks like you’ve worn something more than 3 times, it’s not the best fit for ReFashion.


    • What’s not allowed?
      For hygiene reasons, no intimate apparel. That means no bras, underwear, or bathing suits. We are also not accepting accessories – no handbags, hats, gloves, belts, jewelry, etc. – only clothing and footwear. If you bring these items, ReFashion Vancouver reserves the right to ask you to remove them from your vendor space. ReFashion Vancouver also reserves the right to cancel your seller space if you fail to comply with the selling guidelines outlined.


    • Why is Re-Fashion Vancouver limited to clothing and footwear? Why no accessories?
      We get this question a lot – and here’s why: take a moment to think about all the accessories you have that you never use and would likely want to unload. There’s a lot, isn’t there? Think of all the belts that come with a dress you buy, where you love the dress but don’t care much for the belt. Think of all the jewelry you’ve bought at places like Forever21 and Le Chateau that you no longer wear and want to sell. If we allowed accessories to be sold (handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, etc.), Re-Fashion Vancouver would suddenly change from being a clothing sale to being more of a trunkshow style flea market. There would be more bags and accessories than clothing and footwear, and that’s not what this event is about. This event is about giving a new home to your unworn clothing – your regret-purchases. There’s no where in Vancouver where you can re-sell your clothes that you’ve never worn effectively – but you can definitely take your accessories to various local markets and trunkshow sales and unload them successfully (assuming you aren’t selling a designer purse). In the case that you ARE selling a designer bag, you likely only have one or two, which is much easier to sell online than the stacks of unworn clothing you also want to cash-in on.
      The other big reason for no accessories is that they have a much lower price-point you can sell them at. Unless you’re selling a Chanel bag that costs over $1,000, the majority of your accessories probably won’t fetch more than $20. That means it’ll take a lot more selling to make back your table fee!
      The event’s success depends heavily on presentation – shoppers aren’t coming to Re-Fashion Vancouver looking for a flea-market vibe – they’re coming to something more akin to a warehouse sample sale. Tons of accessories doesn’t mesh with that clean, tidy look we’re going for.
    • Can I bring my own hanging rail/table if I have one?
      No. For safety reasons, we ask that you only bring the clothing you intend to sell and hangers to the event. We will supply hanging rails and tables.  If you need more space than one hanging rail, you may request an additional seller space. We like to keep the spaces tidy and accessible to shoppers, so if you bring extra hanging rails or furniture you will not be allowed to use them.
    • How do people try clothes on? Are there change rooms?
      Yes, there are changing rooms. We are exploring different ways of setting up the change rooms so that more people are trying clothes on than waiting in line. Every seller has a space number and we encourage you to put that number on all articles of clothing – that way when a shopper tries something on, they know where to return it to. We will have ample security to deter shop-lifting, but ultimately it’s up to you whether you want to allow someone to try something on or not. You are welcome to ask them to leave behind something to ensure that they return with your item, if you are not comfortable letting someone walk over to the change room to try it on. This can be anything from an ID, jacket/coat, shopping bags, purse, etc.
    • I own a retail store/fashion line/business – can I sell at Re-fashion Vancouver?
      No. Re-Fashion Vancouver is for individuals who have nowhere to sell their unworn clothing that’s taking up space in their closet, it isn’t for retail businesses. As a business, there are ample opportunities to sell your pieces (either at your own retail outlet, or at one of many fashion markets and tradeshows in the area). We make no profit on the event because we keep our seller fees low, in an effort to make them accessible to individuals who just want a place to sell what they never use and have nowhere to do so, and to give the limited space we have to businesses who have the budget to afford to sell at events specifically designed for them is unfair to our individual sellers. Please do not apply if you are a business intending to sell your samples and clear out old stock – if we believe this to be the case at the event you will be asked to leave immediately, and your seller fee will not be refunded. We appreciate your honesty – if you’d like to be involved with Refashion Vancouver as a business, please contact us, we have space for sponsors and vendors at very reasonable rates.




    • What kind of clothes will I find at ReFashion Vancouver?
      You can expect to find everything from work to play – from full suits and work outfits to dresses for a night on the town, and everything in between. All the clothing will either be brand new, or barely worn (like when you try something on at the store, buy it, then try it on at home and decide you hate it, then never wear it again). Once our  sellers are approved, we’ll post a list of the styles and sizes that will be available.


    • What sizes and styles will be there?
      We’re trying to ensure there’s something for everyone – that means a wide selection of styles and sizes. Every seller has to indicate their style and the size of the majority of the clothing they are selling. Rest assured we approve vendors based on offering a wide variety of styles and sizes.


    • Are there changing rooms? How do I try stuff on?
      Yes, there will be changing rooms at the event, though space is limited and we have hundreds of shoppers, so be prepared for a line up. If you come prepared and wear clothing that is easy to try something on over-top of, you can save yourself from spending too much time waiting and not enough time shopping.


    • Does it cost to attend?
      Admission is $5.



Still have questions? Contact us.