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Announcing YWiB – Re-Fashion Vancouver Sponsor | Refashion Vancouver

If you haven’t read the story behind Re-Fashion Vancouver (go read it now) you might not know that the event all started because of a girl and her closet. That’s nothing unusual – but turning it into a community event certainly is. Being an entrepreneur is a tough road to travel on, and sometimes even tougher when you’re a young woman. That’s why organizations that help foster and nurture young enterprising women are so important in our community – they help bring great ideas like Re-Fashion Vancouver to light.

We’re so excited to share Young Women in Business (more commonly known as YWiB) with our Re-Fashionistas. YWiB holds great networking events and seminars, and helps provide ladies with dreams the tools that they need to make those dreams a reality; so you can go from staring at your closet wondering how on earth you’re going to clear out your clothes, to turning it into an event that more than a thousand people take part in. Pretty cool, huh?


Check out the interview they did with Re-Fashion Vancouver co-founder Victoria – and get a little glimpse into the life of a female entrepreneur.


More about YWiB:

Who is YWiB? The Young Women in Business [YWiB] network is a non-profit society for emerging female leaders in Western Canada. The network acts as the central forum to connect ambitious young women from a variety of careers, industries, and backgrounds. YWiB hosts a variety of events that provide our members with opportunities to develop relevant skills and knowledge, so that they have the insight, support, and capability to reach their fullest personal and professional potential. YWiB connects young women with skills and support to achieve personal and professional success on their own terms and become engaged members within their communities. visit www.YWiB.ca to learn more, and check them out on Facebook and Twitter.