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Announcing Fusion Cine – ReFashion Vancouver Sponsor | Refashion Vancouver

So you and you friend have a fantastic plot that’s a sure to become a huge hit on Youtube. Except neither of you know how to turn on the camera, let along shoot an entire series of videos.

Here’s when you pick up the phone and call Fusion Cine! They are your go-to for all your shooting needs (not the gun type). Whether you’re filming your sister’s wedding, a fancy celebration, or needing a serious video for your professional life, they’re here to help. They have the staff and tools to help you with whatever it is you’re wishing to produce. Fusion Cine is passionate in wanting to help you communicate your vision and can broadcast it as your see fit. Their core values, which include respect, integrity, accountability, quality, technical innovation, continuous improvement, collaboration and passion, reflect the company’s mantra, which is fusion- the combination of technology and creativity.


More about Fusion Cine:

Fusion Cine is the go-to spot if you shoot, produce or post. We rent and sell the tools, technology and equipment needed to help you be your best and with a knowledgeable staff willing to help every step of the way. Fusion Cine combines all acquisition, post production, and archiving standards & equipment, to assist all levels of production, from student filmmakers to experienced cinematographers.

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